"I came to WFDC because it was an opportunity to take advantage of. Joining WFDC was an amazing thing that happened to me because I am learning new things every day and meeting new people. The employees are nice and care about each other and teamwork. I never thought I would be doing stuff like this – it’s not just for work – it’s also helping me to get credits for school. This experience has been phenomenal – I like to be at WFDC every day and seeing the people I work with. I am really thankful for everything. I wouldn’t have done it without the help and support to take advantage of this program. It will lead to something more – to graduate high school first and then unlock many doors." ~ Cody J. ~ Kamiak HS ~ 2017

"I joined WFDC to gain the knowledge, skills and benefits of having a career in the aerospace industry. This program has delivered that opportunity to me to learn the knowledge and skills I need to succeed. It has been a pleasure learning from the kind instructors at WFDC. It’s given me the opportunity to learn from and work with some amazing people." ~ Tim D. ~ Stanwood HS ~ 2017 - Tim is now a WFDC employee.

"I am really enjoying the work and am finding it so meaningful. I really enjoy the impact that I have doing the work and how important it is to the larger company. It is so important that I do my work accurately because it could cost the company thousands of dollars if there are errors. I feel so motivated to be doing something relevant to my future!" ~ Chris F. ~ Shorewood HS ~ 2017

"WFDC is a great opportunity to get to experience a job and make airplane parts and learn to read blueprints. The rotation helped me learn more about the Boeing experience. This will help me find a job in the future." ~ George M. ~ Everett HS ~ 2016 - George now works for Boeing

"WFDC is so amazing! I am so thankful that I got the opportunity to learn how to make airplane parts. Being here has really taught me a lot and I am so happy to have made new friends here. I want to say thank you to the CEO Dave for being my mentor for my senior project!" ~ Alana C. ~ Monroe HS ~ 2016 - Alana is now a WFDC employee

"WFDC is an amazing opportunity. It has helped me to build my future in aerospace and further my education. Thanks to WFDC I have achieved my dreams in aerospace and am on my way to Boeing" ~ Keenan S. ~ Arlington HS ~ 2014 - Keenan now works for Boeing

"WFDC has been a wonderful opporutnity for me!  I am very thankful for WFDC!  I took chances to do new things and I now know what I love to do.  I am beyond thankful for Work Force.  Everyone is so polite and welcoming.  WFDC has been so amazing for me." ~ Aushinaee W. ~ Shorewood HS ~ 2015

"I appreciate WFDC because I have learned how to speak the language of aerospace and know how to do the work.  I can connect with people more outside of work now because I can talk about aerospace." - Daniel L- Mountain View High School ~ 2014

 "WFDC has been a lot more than just some job for me.  It is like  asecond chance because it didnt only give me a job, it brightened my future." - Justin P. - Weston HS - 2014 - Justin is now a WFDC employee

"The first time I walked into WFDC, I knew this will be a great job.  Every day I learned new things and I still do.  What we build today will fly tomorrow." - Erminio - Mountlake Terrace High School - 2013

"I like WFDC because it gave me a good opportunity." - Eric - Edmonds Woodway High School - 2013

"Work Force is an amazing place to further your education into aerospace and do hands-on training and get paid for it.  I urge anyone who loves planes to work here." - Dakota - Marysville Pilchuk High School - 2013 

"WFDC got me great job experience.  I went through many trials and triumphs." - Clint - Arlington High School - 2013

"I like WFDC because it gave me the opportunity to experience things that other places cant offer.  WFDC made me become more responsible." - Aidan - Student, Edmonds Woodway High School - 2013

"Work Force is a great program to get experience in a thriving field before you are even out of high school.  It has helped me to gain confidence in doing this type of work and was a huge kick start to helping me in my career in aerospace." - Jordan - Stanwood High School - 2013

"What I think about Work Force is that it’s a program for students that need this as a job and for knowledge to use in the future for their career job to make more money and more goals, also an opportunity to other teens that need this." - Nathan - Student, Sultan High School

"WFDC has never let me down. When I need help, the always provide excellent service. No job is too large or too small. For the services they offer, they are very good." - Mike Woogerd - President, Mobile Tool Management

"Student's attitudes change as a result of attending WFDC. They feel successful at what they are doing; they earn money and in general their attitudes are wonderful. For some, the reason to come to school is the anticipation of attending WFDC. Students see a relevant purpose for them to be in school." - Deena - Counselor, Edmonds Woodway High School

“I have noticed deeper critical thought and a new perspective from which to place ideas and concepts.” - Heather Hollingsworth - Counselor, Snohomish High School

"I think that the Work Force is a very great place for getting hands on experience. The people here are nice and willing to help you when needed. Before this job came up I was going to go into construction and now seeing some of the stuff we do here I might want to try working for Boeing." - Anthony - Student, Arlington High school

"I love to work here because it will help my future. The program is a good thing because I want to have experience before I apply at Boeing. I just love being here to work and learn something new." - Calvin - Student, Edmonds-Woodway High School

"As a graduate of the program in 2006, Work Force Development Center has become more than a place to just get paid and earn credit for school. I felt I would be working at Safeway for the rest of my life. Having successfully completed the program then being hired as a full-time instructor has changed that. I have a great job, working full-time and having a great time doing it." - Alex - Student, Monroe High School and Employee

 "This program taught me how to be responsible and how work works. It also taught me how to work hard and change mistake that can be made. It helped me finish my school credits so now I can finish school and move on." - Gabriella - Student, Arlington High School

"First of all, I want to start off by saying how grateful I am that I got into Work Force Development Center. I have no idea what I would have done if I never had that interview. I'm thanking Mrs. Beeston for telling me about the program too. I enjoy being at Work Force because of the employees that I work with and the rest of the students as well. I love how the employees make sure that you check or do the job right because they want to make sure you understand what you’re doing for the next time. I also love how we get to change to different work stations. Carmela wants us to be able to have a lot of different skills so that when we apply for a different aerospace company, we can say we have all the work skills from when we were at Work Force. I like that some of the student trainees challenge themselves to work harder too. Another thing that I did not expect that would happen to me was that I was trainee of the month for December! I was so happy when Carmela called my name! I couldn’t stop smiling at all that day because I know I can keep it up and do better every day!! I feel like this will also help me in the future because I know I really want to work at Boeing. When I apply and get into Boeing, I will have so many skills because of Work Force. This will also help in the future because I can teach others what I have been taught too." ~ Karina F. ~ Mountlake Terrace HS ~ 2017

"Work Force Development Center has helped me in many ways. It can truly make a difference to a young new worker entering the field. The difference WFDC has made for me is shaping me and allowing me to build skills within the work place such as communication, confidence, and maturity - this goes for outside the work place in my everyday life as well. This company has showed me and inspired me in furthering my education and building a future for myself. Work Force also gave me the will and drive to finish school. The staff treats every trainee like a member of their family and as result of that, it allows everyone to openly learn and grow at their own pace. WFDC is an opportunity not given to everyone. It is truly a beginning to a bright future! Individually what I have gained is skills and knowledge about the aerospace industry from assembly to operating CNC machines. Every day is a learning day, there is always something new and exciting in this company." - Austin is now a WFDC employee running a CNC machine. ~ Austin R. ~ ACES HS ~ 2016

"I started this program thinking it would just be a way out of school, but now I’ve learned that it’s an open door to many more opportunities to work towards, with the knowledge I’ve received through this program." ~ Hailey Y. ~ Stanwood HS ~ 2016

"WFDC has given me the confidence and experience I needed to be successful. It prepared me for life out of high school and how to be prepared for the real world. I'm truly grateful for WFDC for helping me better myself." - Becca S. - Marysville Getchell HS - 2015

"I am ready for the future and excited about what it has for me.  I have lots more skills and knowledge that I have gotten from WFDC and I am ready to carry it on to my future." - Tanner S. - Arlington High School - 2015


"The highest reward that this world gives us is the ability to do better work.  The only ways to do great work is to get good training and to love what you do!  Work Force has been a great place to be.  I love how much I have learned and how much more I am going to learn in the future!  - Alysha B. - Stanwood High School - 2014

"Work Force has been a great work experience.  It has helped me learn many skills and gain new friends.  Work Force is the best place that I have ever worked at.  You feel welcomed.  Everyone is friendly, kind, polite and couteous.  Everyone here has a great sense of humor.  Working here has taught me how to interact with others and has been a wonderful delight.  You also feel safe and secure when working here.  This has been a great and awesome overall time and experience." - Zach - Shorewood High School - 2013

"At WFDC, they really care about student success and every help is there for students.  They teach great essential skills so that every student is successful.  I personally love WFDC and hope that they can help may other students like they have with me.  My teacher and Dave Trader are a huge part of my success at WFDC.  I hope and pray that WFDC continues to spend lots of goodness and hope for the future of kids in Aerospace." - Nick A. - Mountlake Terrace High School - 2014

"Your future is what you make it at WFDC - its your opportunity to achive your dreams!" - Ryan - Meadowdale High School - 2013

"WFDC put me on a positive track for my future." - Josh - Monroe High School - 2013

"WFDC is the best place to work as a high school student.  Its a great place to work - the employees are helpful and always laughing." - Yoshi - Edmonds-Woodway High School - 2013

"The majority of our students who attend WFDC love the program, the staff, and are proud of their work. In turn, they improve here at SLHS. The students who are successful at WFDC have good school attendance. They know that in order to maintain their place at WFDC they have to good attendance at both. Very satisfied with the program at WFDC and the staff! The staff is very supportive of our students and everyone works well with our kids. We enjoy our relationship, too, with each member of the staff." - Carole Lewis - Counselor, Scriber Lake High School

Students have better attendance which has a direct correlation with better grades. It is because they want to go to WFDC. One of my students now has a career goal and is hoping to work for Boeing some day. He is very excited and motivated." - Nancy Forsberg - Counselor, Edmonds Woodway High School

"The students do not want to lose the opportunity to go to WFDC by not passing classes at the high school. Some students have a definite attitude improvement, feel more confident and see a possible future in the work world. This is the only program of its kind that I have seen and it is a wonderful opportunity for students! The staff is very patient and caring. It takes special people to be able to help these students and give them the positive reinforcement that will make a difference in their lives and the WFDC staff does this on a daily basis." - Cheryl Berg - Counselor, Granite Falls School District

"I really like it here at Work Force Development Center. The instructors are very cool and nice and I hope that I am able to come back next year to be able to learn more." - Anthony - Student, Everett High School

"Dear WFDC, I believe that the program that you run is helping many teens get their lives together. I want to say thank you for letting me have this job and I look forward to working here for the summer." - Ryan - Student, Arlington High School

"I like the flexible hours and the friendly workers.” - James - Student, Granite Falls High School

"I like this program in the aspect that you get to learn a trade. I also like that you get paid." - Bryan - Student, Lynnwood High School

"I like this job, it gives me good experience." - Jason - Student, Shorewood High School